4 Point Inspections

Our four-point examination focuses on the roof, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. While there are no particular standards imposed by insurers, we have learned through experience that age, system type, and condition are all important factors to consider. During inspections, the system's quality and standards are also taken into account. Our home inspectors Fernandina Beach FL residents count on will do a four-point examination and advise you on any hazards that may disqualify you from homeowners insurance. We concentrate on the likely age, components, and overall condition of home systems and provide timely suggestions following each assessment.


One of the finest decisions you can make is to do a four-point examination on a house. It will not only help you improve the safety of your house, but it will also help you reduce your claims. Inspect-All Services provides expert four-point inspections to guarantee that every homeowner has a safe and cost-effective home.


​​Yes, insurance companies are becoming more reluctant to provide Homeowner Insurance Policies on older properties (usually 30 years old or more). As a result, a four-point examination is required in order to acquire insurance.


Inspect-All Services is ready to help you with over 1,000 inspections and significant expertise and experience in home inspections. A four-point inspection near me can be requested individually or as part of our full-service home inspection. We service all major cities and towns in Northeast Florida and are accessible for same-day, weekday or weekend appointments. Simply call us at 904-773-4220 and ask for a free quote.
Inspect-All Services has developed a solid reputation as the best home inspectors Jacksonville FL has ever seen over the years based on outstanding customer service and client satisfaction for all of our inspections. We take great pleasure in the fact that we have experienced and state-licensed house inspectors that are familiar with the complexities of Florida home inspections. We will conduct timely inspections and give you a report if you employ our inspection service.

Call 904-773-4220 immediately for a quicker, more organized, and cost-effective home inspection Fernandina Beach FL residents love! Our expert inspectors will answer all of your questions and handle any issues you may have. We adhere to conventional home inspection methods and simplify our paperwork and documentation to ensure that they fulfill the minimal insurance company requirements in Florida.

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Inspect-All Services has been a trusted resource for professional home inspections for over 30 years. We offer reliable and professional home inspection services for buyers and sellers in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.

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