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Many individuals in the Jacksonville region incorrectly assume that they do not need an inspection on a new house. The misunderstanding is reasonable since we have been conditioned as customers to think that all consumer items will be supplied defect-free. Unfortunately, this is not the case, particularly in the new home development industry. Our report will reflect the best money spent on your house based on the information obtained during an examination by Inspect-All Services.

Buyers of newly constructed houses may be unaware that their new home contract includes an inspection provision. A Jacksonville City inspector may tremendously help a new home buyer during the building and completion of their new house. We provide a comprehensive range of inspection services, from entire new home building phase inspections to only the final (close) inspection. Although the final inspection will be very beneficial, nothing can replace a whole phased inspection procedure from pre-slab, pre-sheet rock, through the final phase.

Many people wonder, "Why does a freshly built house require an inspection?" “Isn't a newly built home perfect and safe?” Some individuals believe that the builder and contractors are controlled by state or local government authorities, and that the home is inspected by the local town or municipal building inspector. To some extent, this is correct; nevertheless, few, if any, Nassau County home inspectors spend nearly enough time in the residence to thoroughly assess it. Furthermore, there may be issues with the house that are not strictly code violations but have severe repercussions for the future owner. Inquire with any private companies that provide home inspection Nassau County residents use about the flaws and safety problems identified in freshly built homes.

New home purchasers frequently tell us, "The house builder has a third party inspector who inspects all of the required steps of the home building process," or the famous one-liner. "Why waste your money on an independent home inspection when we have our own inspector who checks our properties for you?" You got it, the builder gains from these home inspections, not you, the home buyer.

Hire your own independent house inspector; we operate independently of the home builder, which means we work for you and only you, looking out for your best interests!


  • Inadequate soil grading surrounding the home, resulting in damp, moldy crawl spaces
  • The brick veneer on the roof of the house is missing flashing.
  • Safety equipment on garage door openers that has been improperly placed and modified
  • Appliances that have been improperly placed
  • Attic ladders that have been improperly placed
  • Inadequate fire protection
  • Inadequate wiring in the panel Electrical wiring that is not adequately secured and protected
  • Electrical outlets that are not securely fastened
  • HVAC ducts are leaking conditioned air into the crawl area or attic.
  • Defects in the roof's structural integrity
​Will This Protect Me? The builder was obligated to have inspections done by city inspectors.

Regrettably, the protection provided by government inspection agencies is inadequate. The Jacksonville city inspector is overworked; they may do 15-20 inspections per day and can only spend a few minutes at a building site during a few visits at different stages of construction.

On our roadways, code enforcement is about as successful as speed enforcement. Consider how many times you have been caught for speeding vs how many times you have exceeded the speed limit in your life. Consider how many speed-related accidents occur on the roadways. Consider that the builders know precisely when the code authorities will arrive and what they will be searching for. Is it any surprise that new homes have issues?
Phase 1 Inspection
Phase 2 Inspection
Phase 3 Inspection
  • Conformity with engineering drawings
  • Graded rebar placement, support, size, and spacing
  • Making certain that the beam depth, breadth, and placement are correct
  • Check the Vapor/Moisture Barrier Placement
  • If the plans are not sealed by an engineer, the foundation must meet building code requirements.
  • Electrical systems must be grounded appropriately.
  • All junction box connections
  • Wiring of the proper gauge is installed.
  • Properly spaced outlets Adequate access to machinery
  • Other construction elements should not obstruct duct work.
  • Ducts are installed in accordance with the appropriate building code.
  • The roof is sloping and supported.
  • Examination of the plumbing system
  • The yard has been correctly graded to allow for water movement.
  • The HVAC system is fully operational.
  • The HVAC outside unit is situated on a flat surface.
  • All air ducts must be clear of obstructions.
  • The doors and windows work correctly.
  • Finish materials are placed correctly.
  • There are no structural faults in the flat work around the house.
  • All roof cladding is fitted in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Flashing has been installed.
  • Fixtures are properly installed and functional.
  • All appliances have been installed and are operational.
  • There are no obvious safety concerns.

​This is not an exhaustive list of everything covered by the clay county inspections. Three inspections are basically all that is needed for a residential construction. Before delivering a completed home to a new homeowner, the home builder I worked for required 10 inspections.


​If you don't care about the type of inspection, you may locate inspectors that will do almost any task for $200. We have maintained the same home and commercial inspection pricing for the past 11 years.

Unqualified inspectors who acquire fake "certification" from phony inspector mills and virtual groups cover up the inspection profession. One organization will allow you to become a "certified master inspector" after taking a free online exam and paying a fee.

If you need to save a few dollars on the examination of one of your most important investments, remember buyer beware. Most Clay County inspections will cost over 350 dollars if you want a thorough examination done by a competent professional inspector. You will pay much more if your new home is quite large.


Scheduling Clay County building inspections on a property under construction might be challenging unless the new house you are acquiring already has a Certificate of Occupancy. All too frequently, the builder will commit to a completion date that they will not fulfill. In reality, they will promise to and then fail to meet one deadline after another until you are pushed forward to the closing date.

If you have Clay County building inspections planned and the builder gives you less than 48 hours notice that the house will not be ready, it is advisable to go through with the inspection and arrange for the inspector to return after the final electricity is switched on. You should request reimbursement from the builder for the expense of the return visit.

I've done inspections behind these so-called “builders inspectors” and third-party inspectors, and I've discovered several mistakes and omissions. If you look closely, you will notice that most Florida builders have contracted with major, out-of-state real estate inspection agencies to do all of their mandatory inspections. Sounds suspicious, like kickbacks and the inspector being on the builder's payroll. Who do you believe the inspector is looking out for, the home buyer he will never meet or the builder who is putting money in his back pocket?

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